Mahabad must not stand alone – Pamphlet in solidarity with the resistance in Iranian Kurdistan

Originally written by and published at Cosmoproletarian Solidarity. Translation by Gruppe Monolog.
Unlike its Sunnite equivalent, the Islamic State aka Da’esh, the Islamic Republic does not advertise with beheadings in fanzines, and the ayatollahs do not pose with severed heads as trophies. In fact, they impress outsiders with intercultural dialogue, theological expertise, town twinning and of course export orders. The khomeinist despotism murders ‚apostates‘ and ‚infidels‘ with more discretion – this is the main difference to Da’esh. Incarcerated critics of the regime delineate their cells to be coffins, a term that does not only match because of their size (in wing 209 of Zendān Evin, which is located in the northern periphery of Teheran, these coffins have the size of 1 x 2 meters). In these coffins every dissidence, every criticism shall be silenced. The slow death shall remain unreported. Zahra Kazemi has been tortured to death, just because she had taken a picture outside of this factory of sadistic agony. Noone can make excuses for not knowing what is happening there: The biographies of survivors such as Monireh Baradaran or Reza Ghaffari, or the letters of the dead which have been smuggled out portray every single detail of this system of annihilation. Furthermore noone can make excuses for not knowning what is happening in Mahabad or elsewhere
It is not like this deathlike silence hasn’t ever been broken now and then. After the exsanguinous revolut of 2009, the Islamic Republic can merely rely on its repressive apparatus – and on humanity’s pathic indolence. Farinaz Khosravani, a young woman, jumped out of the fourth floor of a hotel to escape from being raped by an agent of the Iranian regime in Mahabad (Iranian Kurdistan) on the 4th of May. Since then, in Mahabad and elsewhere in Iranian Kurdistan protests against the khomeinist despotism’s systematic aggression against women have risen eher risen/broke out/ were organized. Ever since the regime has been forced to close off the city with military forces and to cut communication to the world outside of those protesting, to literally silence the rallies to death. The hotel, in front of which a German flag was waving (sales representatives of German technologies of repression have to sleep somewhere, of course) burned to the ground. Protestors ripped the tulip’s blossom, in which a calligraphic writing shows the word ‚Allah‘,off the flag of the Islamic Republic whilst shouting „Down with Khamenei!“. About 700 protstors have been arrested in Mahabad on the 7th and 8th of May. Many of them were captured when they were heavily wounded searching for hospitals.
But solidarity with the insurrectionists of Mahabad is mostly limited to the other parts of Kurdistan. In Sardasht, south of Mahabad, protestors shouted „Mahabad is not alone – we are Farinaz“, and in Sanandaj they chanted „Woman – Life – Freedom“ – just before the henchmen of the regime attacked them, too. In Yüksekova in Turkey, at the border to Iran, the banner of the protestors said: „Death to the regime in Iran. Long live women’s freedom“. The women’s organisation of the Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê – PJAK (Party for a free living in Kurdistan) announced unmistakably, that „these attacks are not merely attacks carried out by an individual male or group of males“, but are a systematical governmental attack ( „If we do not want to live in a dishonourable way we must rise up against the systematic state policy of violence against women“. Together with their militant wing, Hêzên Parastina Jinê – HPJ (Women’s Units of Self-Defense), they subsequently call for self-defense against the women’s enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran. They also remind the murders of Rehaneh Jabbari (who was executed in Iran for killing her rapist) and Farkhunda Malikzada (who was stoned to death by a mob in Kabul because of rumors that she burnt a Quran) as well as acid-attacks in Isfahan.
Whilst in Berlin political and economical partnership between Germany and Iran are audaciously being resumed, in Mahabad protestors are being threatened the same way protestors were in 2009. Those and the few who are with them are being left alone and abandoned to the beastliness of the khomeinist butchers. Let us remind ourselves that the regime pursuits the death of anyone who dares to militantly resist against the clerical despotism. Let us remind ourselves that our friends in Iran are being strangled in every second in which we remain inactive. But let us not only remind ourselves of it. Let’s begin to fight with them – side by side. Let our solidarity be a cosmopolitan one.

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